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This is a BRAND NEW DAY Ladies and Gentleman!

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Anyone who has worked with me will know how much I love film and music … Just don’t ask me to sing!

Last week I had the opportunity to watch some of my old favourites, one of which is ‘Sister Act’ – both of them.

When I heard Whoopi Goldberg say one my favourite lines of the film, and there are many, I couldn’t help thinking of my learners taking their GCSE’s and it occurred to me that we only have today, and this is an important message:


A Brand-new day.

We’re gonna start with …?’

What will you start today with:

ENERGY – Energy to engage in the day knowing you have done all that is necessary to achieve?

LOVE – Love for the education system that is available to all as equals, providing opportunities that many do not have?

LOVE – For those who have supported you to being where you are today?

LOVE – for self; the most important of all.  Once we love ourselves, love for others comes easy.

SELF RESPECT – the value of knowing you have done all you can to be where you are, and doing your best is everything you have?

CONFIDENCE – in your ability to study and learn so well that you are bound to do your best in these exams today?

Another thing you will know about me, is that I’m a rather shy person when it comes to putting myself out there in the big inter-web world.   You see, I know that I have some amazing knowledge and skills that truly benefit the people with whom I work: I don’t share it!

I know that learners truly appreciate what I have to offer when they work with me: I don’t let them know that I am here! I know this because those that have found me and worked with me, tell me! and ultimately their grades tell them…

Why am I saying this now? Because it is time for me to take my own advice


And I’m going to start with this message – I’m putting myself out there!!!

Here is the first of several messages you will be receiving from me over the coming weeks.

Having made the decision to start working with a marketing company, the marvellous Clare from Elvia Marketing has been putting herself out there to support me.  She coaxes and teases little nuggets from me to aid her in her support of me: I give her very little.  She does the most amazing job based on how little I give.


And the ENERGY is flowing – the energy to know that I have done all that is necessary to be an inspirational and life changing English Language Teacher and trainer.

The LOVE for an education system that is available to all, and educated me to be able to help others and go on to a lifetime of education for self and educating others.

A LOVE for those who have supported me from the cradle to the woman, mother, teacher, trainer I am today.

A LOVE for myself which enables me to love the work I do and the people I have been blessed to work with thus far in my life, and all those yet to come.

SELF RESPECT knowing that I have done all I can to be the best I can to support learners and their families and educate them to total confidence in their exams.


And my CONFIDENCE is growing with each learner that achieves.

This is a great feeling and great feedback, but do I need the feedback from the learner to know that I have studied and worked hard to be the teacher and trainer that I am today? Or do I actually know that I am the best I can be in this role?  Do I believe enough in myself to continue to support learners and their families?

Henry Ford said, ‘whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you’re probably right’


I choose to believe I can.

What will you choose to believe as you enter today?


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