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The human body is the most complex thing known to man; so much so that it cannot be replicated, however hard they try.

We’ve looked at the impact of thoughts and of language on our neural pathways.  The final thing to consider is our physiology, because this too is monitored by our neurological pathways and decisions will be made in our neurology about how to feel based on our posture.

Slouch down, and notice how you feel.  Low energy? Unhappy? Now sit tall and proud and notice how you feel.  Alert? Energetic?  This is because our body’s are always listening to any message we want to send it, including posture.


When we speak of Covid19, notice how your body responds.  It will probably slump and shrink, and your head may drop to one side. This is opening up your neural pathways to a whole host of unhappiness and struggle, and we don’t want that.

Covid 19 is real, whether we speak of it or not, whether we look for it or not, it doesn’t need any help.  As virus’s go, this has got a very strong survival instinct, so we don’t need to give it a helping hand.

Stand tall, be happy, look for the good things and shout about them.

We can’t change the situation; we can change how we respond.  Let’s celebrate the moment and take care of our own well-being, then the world will take care of itself.


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