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Are you losing your ‘can do’ approach?

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Recently I have been hearing that parents and families are really challenged with communicating effectively and compassionately with one another. Children just aren’t listening. They’ve had enough. You’ve had enough. We’ve all had enough.


There’s a lot of anxiety among kids and we as parents need help getting our kids to open up – we’re not taught this stuff! right?
And it really is little wonder households are reaching fever pitch – we’re stressed!
This is an unprecedented crazy time with everyone at home all of the time.   It’s just not natural.


The conversations at the moment seem to be quite agitated:

Parent, ‘Get on with it!’   ‘Get back on to your lesson’
Child, ‘Why are you doing lots of nagging?’

The impact on the kids isn’t great, as they truly do learn what they live.  Kids are clamming up as they are not feeling heard.  Now more than ever, we as parents need to up our game and learn some real communication skills to help them through this, right?


How would you like to learn to communicate with your kids with compassion and confidence?


Just take a moment to imagine what that would feel like?   Calm… restful… pleasurable?


To hear the sound of silence whilst your kid is working hard and you can get on with your work?


And maybe even a tidy room?


This is why we have designed this course in language and communication skills for parents – in difficult times.


You will learn the skills of motivational family talk, using body language, verbal language, and listening skills.


Things are really intense, really hard, we get it.  And that is why the course has been designed to be recorded for you to access at your quiet times.


2 full days of training
fully recorded, to access at any time
reflect at the end of the day as to how those conversations could be improved
try out new language patterns regularly and see the difference.


We understand that you are busy trying to work with kids distracting you.  They do feel like an annoying distraction, right? and you don’t want to feel that way… no-one does because we love our kids.


This course is not extra work – it is simple tips to help you communicate better with practical tools and suggestions which you can dip in and out of.


The course runs over 2 full days – 10-4 and it’s recorded. So you can:

go at your own pace

dip in and out

helpful tools for you now – and forever

keep revisiting whenever you need – extra support

keep your own sanity and support your family bubble


If your child is struggling with:

  • Concentration
  • Flexibility
  • Learning
  • Resilience
  • Mood swings
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Poor behaviour
  • Friendships

And you are feeling frustrated, or think that you are letting them down, and are looking for practical solutions then this is the right course for you.  You will learn step by step some tools to integrate easily into your everyday interactions.


You can help yourself, and them to:

  • manage their emotions more easily
  • help them become more confident and focused
  • be more open to learning and being curious
  • being more calm during future exams and assessments.
  • help them through visualisation create more useful behaviours for themselves as well as learn some powerful language patterns to use to help lower resistance and support their learning.

Interested in knowing more about how you can help your young person (whilst helping yourself in the process)? Then we would love to share some positive and practical NLP tools with you on our 2 day Excellence in Learning with NLP course online which has been designed for parents, home schoolers, tutors, teachers, including those newly qualified and everyone involved in a young person’s education.

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£̶2̶9̶9̶ £99 COVID19 Special Offer.

You will receive an email attendance certificate if you need this for CPD.

Click here to book your place – or reply to this email if you’d like me to reserve a place for you.

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