I care about your child’s success every bit as much as you do

I know what it’s like to worry about your child’s future, especially when they are struggling to come to terms with being a teenager and all the anxieties that entails.

Like you, I know they are capable of so much more.

And when teenagers feel good about themselves, they have a belief that empowers them to achieve anything.

My expertise in language tuition, combined with a background in coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy, gives me a range of approaches that can bring out the best in your child.

Some children just need some extra confidence to bring them up to speed. Underperforming students often just need a little more inspiration, reassurance and structure in their learning to enable them to significantly improve their grades.

Others may require more specific attention to overcome particular issues such as:

  • eating and nutrition disorders
  • depression
  • body image
  • extreme nervousness, stress and anxiety
  • OCD and ADHD
  • bullying
  • self-esteem

By addressing  students’ mental wellbeing, I nurture them to improve, and overcome the blockages that may have held them back.

Whatever your goals, NexStep Tutors probably have a package to suit you.

Learning can be on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small group, and can be face-to-face or via online tutorials.

Bronze Tutoring ‘pods’ are designed to help students in small peer groups using online tutorials, supported by video calls. All lessons are recorded, so you can replay and review them at any time. To find out more, click here

Silver Tutoring packages include weekly one-to-one teaching and coaching sessions geared to your individual needs, either in a convenient training room or via Skype. To find out more, click here

Gold Tutoring packages comprise customised and focused weekly sessions and workshops to suit your specific aims and objectives. To find out more, click here

NexStep lessons are usually led by our highly qualified head tutor, Elizabeth, but they are not just about learning English.

The lessons are about learning the skill and the art of the language in order to achieve your wider goals.

Exams, interviews and promotions can change from being dreaded necessities to being opportunities to shine.

I get you to see and appreciate your inner strengths and give you the skills and confidence you need to achieve success in life.

NexStep are specialist tutors, taking the stress out of English as a second language. 

I am also a qualified tutor, teacher, life coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

What Parents Say About NexStep Tutors

(Secondary English) Elizabeth has made a big difference to my daughter’s confidence in her abilities. She has gone back to basics with her and given her great strategies to help with spelling and comprehension. Her school reports reflect her improvements in these areas and we are delighted. I pass on any other feedback to Elizabeth from her school teachers which she immediately begins to incorporate into her lessons with my daughter. She is friendly and approachable in her methods so my daughter…
From Kate (5/5)