Are you and your child struggling to understand what is needed to pass their GCSE exams?

Is your child feeling unsupported and not progressing as well as you would like, emotionally or academically?

Are they not achieving their best whilst working in a group?


Your child wants to pass the exams, communicate better in spoken and written language, and achieve the illusive grade 9! They’re working hard but they are frustrated that they’re just not progressing as well as they might like. Their wellbeing is suffering as a consequence.

They’re feeling upset, anxious and frustrated and you just don’t know where to go to get the help they need, want and deserve. And you may feel concerned by a constant stream of different teachers that don’t mark the work or provide sufficient feedback.

You and your child know that they work better in a one-to-one situation, and when they clearly understand what is expected of them. If you don’t do something, it could impact the rest of their life.

Just imagine how happy they would be to know that they could achieve their potential, confident and with a sense of self-worth. And imagine how proud you would be.

I can help them to achieve their full potential.



Using a combination of weekly, 60-minute, one-to-one lessons and Life coaching sessions (in my training room or via Skype) and additional group workshops tailored for your child’s needs, and feedback from schools, parents and your NexStep tutor, I can help your child to achieve their goals.

Benefits include academic success, increased self-worth and a calm confidence when it comes to taking the exams. I help parents to understand what their child needs and how best to support them.

Working with a highly qualified, experienced and successful English language specialist, teacher, examiner, and trainer, students will be allocated a regular weekly session at a priority time, which will be taught according to their personal need.

All the necessary learning materials will be provided, and homework and feedback will be provided at the end of each session, so you and your child will always know exactly where they are doing well, how they can further improve.

Parents will also receive a monthly detailed update of progress and development suggestions whilst also being supported in a group of parents with children in the same situation.




  • 39 weekly lessons per year
  • 6 Life coaching sessions per year
  • One-to-one teaching supports your academic needs
  • One-to-one coaching support for your child’s personal needs
  • You will be invited to 2 inclusive holiday workshops per year for small groups of learners to focus on areas of learning of their choosing
  • Each lesson will be tailored according to the last one, taking into account progress made and any issues we’ve identified
  • Students’ emotional needs will be addressed with holistic care and sympathy, so they can free up their thinking and focus on their learning and thus achieve their best
  • Each lesson is designed for individual students’ needs and learning styles, and is tailored to the academic requirements of the exam
  • I address reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, whilst building confidence, and self-worth to alleviate exam nerves
  • All work is marked and feedback given within the session to optimise learning achievement, with weekly and monthly reports for parents
  • Students’ performance in all subjects – and future prospects – will be improved through a good understanding of the English language
  • WhatsApp/FB group support for parents and students, with ongoing access to your tutor.



You child is right for this programme if they are:

  • studying for GCSE English Language.
  • struggling to understand aspects of the curriculum such as grammar, writing styles, or keeping to the point when answering questions
  • feeling that they are under-achieving in English Language and language-related subjects.
  • struggling with nerves and anxieties.
  • need ongoing support
  • committed to attending sessions for a minimum of one academic term.



Participation in the gold programme is entirely online at £350 per month. Fees are payable via Direct Debit.

To obtain details on how to register, or for more information.


To reserve your spot please book now.

Due to the personalized nature of the program, places are strictly limited.




If you have any questions, please contact me here and I’ll be happy to chat to you.



Hi there I’m Elizabeth: a highly qualified, experienced and successful English language specialist, teacher, tutor and examiner as well as a master NLP practitioner and life coach. I specialise in GCSE English Language; overcoming exam nerves and stresses; supporting students to achieve.

I believe that by working with the whole person you can achieve your best. I further believe that by working with parents and children we can gain a great understanding of how to support your child to achieve their best.

By working closely together I can help students achieve the results they are capable of by restoring confidence, belief, and a clear understanding of what is required. Improving English language skills will also improve performance and wellbeing in all areas of life, as well as in written exams such as Geography, History and Literature.


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