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Are you losing your ‘can do’ approach?

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Recently I have been hearing that parents and families are really challenged with communicating effectively and compassionately with one another. Children just aren’t listening. They’ve had enough. You’ve had enough. We’ve all had enough.   There’s a lot of anxiety among kids and we as parents need help getting our kids to open … Read More


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The human body is the most complex thing known to man; so much so that it cannot be replicated, however hard they try. We’ve looked at the impact of thoughts and of language on our neural pathways.  The final thing to consider is our physiology, because this too is monitored … Read More


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    In the 70’s there was a TV programme called ‘mind your language’ which was written as a comedy show to highlight the challenges of learning English as a second language.    This blog is similar to that, in as much as your learnt way of using language will be … Read More

Fact or Opinion?

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People frequently confuse fact for opinion, and right now, possibly more than ever before, we need to understand the facts. WHAT IS A FACT? A fact is evidence-based and can be googled to back up the fact. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister for the UK? Google and you will … Read More

Take Control of Your World

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    In my workroom I have a wall art saying ‘we can’t control the wind, but we can control the sails’.  What does that even mean?  Well, when at sea the wind will blow as and when it wants, and in any direction, and there is nothing we can … Read More