Specialists in a more compassionate approach to English language teaching

Elizabeth is a highly qualified and experienced English Language specialist.   After many years’ experience writing, teaching and examining English Language exams, now specializes in privately teaching the English Language for second language learners, KS3 and GCSE.  As a specialist in the language, mother, and teacher, she understands the challenges being faced by our teenagers today and focuses on the anxieties, stresses and nerves that occur, most commonly, during secondary education and exams, in order that all learners achieve their optimum best at all times.

Studying for exams can be stressful and difficult at any age. When your child is not getting the attention they need at school, you see their confidence being knocked and you’re worried.  You know they are under achieving, and you know they are capable of so much more, and you want this for them.

Elizabeth can help your child achieve the results of which they are capable in their exams by restoring their confidence, belief, and understanding of what is required of them.  Improving their English Language skills will also improve their grades in all written subjects too!  Improving their confidence will build their self-belief.

Bespoke lessons tailored to the needs of the individual with empathy and determination to succeed is a winning formula.

In her teaching career she worked with some tricksy learners: learners lacking self-belief, lacking ability to focus, too caught up in their emotional traumas to have the desire or apparent need to learn and that is why she learnt NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming) the science and art of language and communication.  By integrating NLP into lessons, she was quickly and easily able to build the skills of confidence, calm, and open to learning mindset in the class and individual.  Today she also teaches teachers these quick and easy to use skills for the classroom and for self.

Whether you are looking for yourself or your child, Elizabeth can help you achieve your goals and dreams.


For all teachers and learners to have the ability to reach their potential for self, with calm and confidence.




Your Tutor
Lessons with me are not just about learning English to pass your English Language exam, they are about learning the skill, the art, of the language in order that you can achieve higher grades in all your written subjects. By learning and understanding the power of language, you can ace your exams, interviews and promotions. When you can understand the structure and your vocabulary choices, this will in turn help you to recognise your inner strengths to maintain the calm needed to gain your exams, and to achieve in life.
  • Elizabeth has done wonders in tutoring my son who has come on leaps and bounds
  • Elizabeth’s approach, manner and the very special way in which she delivers information and feedback to my daughter, really quite refreshing
  • An excellent teacher because she explained how to answer the exams questions in a way that she understood.
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Elizabeth worked in various teaching roles and formed a 20-year career in Prison Education achieving the role of curriculum manager whilst working with various exam boards on exam paper questions and marking, and materials.  It is here that the passion for NLP in the classroom developed as it was the use of these skills that enabled her to work to rehabilitate and educate some of the most damaged in society.  
BA(Hons)Linguistics; Cert TEFL; DTLLS; NLP, Master practitioner and Trainer’s Trainer,  clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach.  Advanced DBS.