Is your child struggling to understand what’s needed to pass their GCSE exams?

They may be feeling unsupported and not progressing as well as they’d like.

Or maybe they’re not achieving their best whilst working in a group?


Your child wants to improve their English language, to pass their exams, communicate better, and achieve the elusive grade 9! They’re working hard and are frustrated that they’re just not progressing as well as they might like. They’re probably as frustrated as you are.

You want the best, and may be worried by a constant stream of different teachers that don’t mark the work or provide sufficient feedback. You know that your child can do better with one-to-one help.

Just imagine what it would be like if they understood the language and the exam requirements, and had real belief in themselves. Imagine how happy they would be, and how proud you would be.

I can help them to achieve their full potential.



By working one-to-one with regular lessons, tailored for your and your child’s needs, I can help them achieve academic successes, improve their confidence stay calm when it comes to taking the exams.

All this with just one hour of personalised English language teaching and training per week with a highly qualified and experienced English language specialist, teacher, examiner, and trainer.



When you sign up to this package your child will be allocated a regular weekly session, in which they will be taught according to their personal need.

Homework and feedback will be provided each time so they will always know exactly what they are doing well, and what they need to do to further improve their language skills.




  • 36 lessons per year
  • One-to-one teaching support for your child’s academic needs from a qualified, experienced and successful teacher
  • One-to-one coaching support for your child’s personal needs from a qualified and DBS checked Life coach
  • Address their individual issues, to make them feel safe and secure in a one-to-one setting
  • Lessons designed for each student’s needs and learning style, and tailored to the academic requirements of the exam
  • All work marked and feedback given within the session to optimise learning achievement
  • All written subjects will improve with a good understanding of English language and structure
  • Future prospects will be improved with a good understanding of the English language.


Just imagine where they could be this time next year…

Confident and working towards their next goal, knowing that they can do it. No longer just trying, but succeeding. Enjoying their studies, happy and confident, with a sense of self belief and self-worth.



Your child is right for this programme if they are:

  • studying for GCSE English Language: year 10 or year 11, or re-takes
  • struggling to understand aspects of the curriculum such as grammar, writing styles, or keeping to the point when answering questions
  • feeling that they are under-achieving in English Language and language related subjects
  • committed to attending weekly sessions for at least a term.



Participation in the Silver programme is £225 per month, payable via Direct Debit.



To obtain details on how to register, or for more information.


To reserve your place, you are advised to book early.
Due to the personalised nature of the programme, places are strictly limited.




If you have any questions, please contact me here and I’ll be happy to chat to you.



Hi there I’m Elizabeth: a highly qualified and experienced English language specialist, teacher, tutor, life coach and examiner. I specialise in GCSE English Language; overcoming exam nerves and stresses; supporting you and your child to achieve their success.

I believe that by working with the whole person you can achieve your best. By working closely together I can help you achieve the results you are capable of by restoring confidence, belief, and understanding of what is required. Improving your English language skills will improve your confidence and wellbeing in all areas of their life, as well as in written exams such as Geography, History and Literature.


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