At NexStep Learning, we help GCSE students to maximise potential, by instilling confidence and overcoming stress.

By genuinely caring about students’ wellbeing, NexStep Learning can help to improve
the learner's mindset, in order to achieve results far beyond expectations.

Whatever your needs and ambitions, Nexstep Learning has various learning packages that will boost confidence and show the way to a happier, more contented future.

Specialising in helping students aged 13 to 19 to achieve their full potential through English Language teaching, combined with a keen focus on Learner Mindset, as for a learner to achieve their best, they must be performing at their best.


Combining Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  methods and English Language, to help students to overcome: anxieties, stress, concerns and ability to learn, so that they can fully embrace the learning journey to achieve their full potential in English Language, other exams, and Life.


For learners to achieve their best exam results, they need to:

  • BELIEVE … Believe in themselves, and Believe in their abilities to achieve.  The power of Belief is well documented and installed in every lesson.
  • Maintain a CALM state; no matter what is happening around them.  Learn to take the control where they have the control and accept that which is outside of this.
  • Know their ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS including TECHNICAL ACCURACY.  All written exams will benefit from excellent writing skills and Technical Accuracy as this is marked in every written exam.


Working with students across key Stage 3 and 4 with a keen focus on individual learner need, including Neurodivergent learners to achieve their personal best.  


Whether you are a parent, student, teacher or school: If you’re concerned about the pressures facing your teenagers and behaviours they present, and you’d like to find out more, please